Friday, December 21, 2007

Letter to the New York Post - 12/21/2007

Dear Editor:

The NY Post editorial (Bill and Hill's Latest Intrigue - Dec. 21) should not surprise anyone except their interviewers and debate moderators. From the extremely smelly cattle futures bonanza to the present - with Charlie Trie, Buddhist monks, Mark Rich, and the rental of Lincoln Bedroom in between, the Clinton's lack of ethics and violations of the law have been duly noted but poorly scrutinized. "There's too much money in politics," was Bill Clinton's response when Vice President Al Gore was caught having an illegal fund raiser at a Buddhist Temple. The Clintons seem to always have an unjustifiable justification for violating both ethics and law.

And the Post's expectation that the Clintons "provide some genuine transparency" about anything must supply both Bill and Hillary with waves of uncontrollable laughter.

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