Saturday, December 15, 2007

Democratic Media Bias - Take #5

For what reasons are the major news media reluctant, or refusing, to recall that after leaving office, Bill Clinton met with Special Prosecutor Robert Ray and copped to commiting crimes while President - behavior which his wife considered to be "private, personal matters" when she was out promoting her book?

In light of his admission, are Senators Biden and Dodd regretful or remorseful at having voted to keep Mr. Clinton in office during his impeachment? Which of the Democratic candidates would pardon Bill Clinton if they become President? Why should American voters feel comfortable at having Hillary Clinton as president if she believes that commiting crimes while president is a"private, personal matter?"

After all of the inane, irrelevant questions posed to the Republican candidates during their debates, one would think that at some point the above topics might be broached if a responsible journalist or two just decided to ask the Democratic candidates about ethics in their debates or interviews.

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