Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Democratic Media Bias - Take #2

Back in April, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton was quick to jump on the anti-Imus bandwagon with a much publicized visit to the Rutgers Womens Basketball Team in what was an apparent politicized show of "sisterhood" solidarity. The fickle news media neglected to show any of the photos of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton with Russell Simmons or P. Diddy Combs at Democratic fund raisers where they took their campaign donations. It's not as though all of the leading Democrats who are quick to embrace Messers Simmons and Combs don't know that they are two of the major producers of the offensive, degrading language that Miss Hillary went to Rutgers to disdain. And when the Congress held hearings regarding this lyrical abomination where C. Dolores Tucker, (who received death threats), Joe Lieberman and Tipper Gore testified, Mrs. Clinton was nowhere in sight.

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