Monday, June 9, 2008

HERE'S WHAT I THINK - Volume -#7

Senator Barack Obama's "problem" with white working class and white female voters is a media created phenomenon courtesy of guilt by association. By the time Obama ran off the last of his 11 consecutive primary victories, specifically the so-called Potomac primaries, he had bested Sen. Clinton in virtually every category of white voters where she was alleged to be stronger. Enter Rev. Wright! Suddenly the words of someone else are falsely attributed to Senator Obama's "true nature" even though none of the Senator's past rhetoric points to any such expressions made by Rev. Wright.

A brief scan through the crowds of the multi-thousand person rallies and post primary speeches of Sen. Obama reveals vast amounts of diverse white voters and supporters. They can't all be prominent, high earning, Ivy League "elitists."


The media are astounded at how the vaunted "Clinton political machine" failed to secure the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election. As they attempt to try to comprehend the poor organization, the financial extravagance and the repeated bouts of foot-in-mouth disease, they fail to extrapolate that the "machine" they have heralded was vastly overrated.

The Clintons got to the White House in 1992 on only 43% of the vote of barely 1/2 of the eligible electorate. Apparently the media punditry thinks a lot more of the Clinton's political ability than the public does. That Mrs. Clinton failed to reduce her 47-50% negatives over the course of her 18 month campaign is evidence of that.