Friday, December 14, 2007

Democratic Media Bias - Take #4

Considering the Clinton's history of offense in "the politics of personal destruction," it defies belief that Mr. Shaheen's statements regarding Sen. Obama's past drug use was not orchestrated at the highest level (Mrs. Clinton). In the past James Carville has publicly referred to Bill's alleged affairs as "trailer trash" - Monica Lewinsky was labeled a stalker at the height of Perjurygate - and Kathleen Willey was likewise disparaged, just to name a few. No opponent, political or personal, challenges them and goes unscathed. These little tidbits should, but are not being served as reminders to the voting public.

The possibility that Mrs. Clinton may have suborned perjury during the so-called bimbo eruptions episodes also seems to be part of the media's deaf, dumb and blind act. Past reports have alleged that Mrs. Clinton actually sat in the room while the so-called bimbo(s), with another attorney, knowingly falsified an affidavit that she did not have a sexual relationship with Bill Clinton.

A lot more serious breach of journalistic ethics regarding the Clintons that neither the public is being reminded of nor has Mrs. Clinton's campaign been asked about, are ugly and possibly illegal statements made on Election Day 2000. With reporters in attendance at Hillary's campaign night headquarters during her first Senatorial campaign, while watching the election returns Bill Clinton was calling out all the states where Ralph Nader was hurting Al Gore. One of Mrs. Clinton's people said, aloud, "Somebody ought to kill Ralph Nader." To which Hillary Clinton responded, "That's not a bad idea." Her crew quickly rushed to holler, "That's off the record, that's off the record!" - a little too late. Unfortunately most of the major media does not consider this newsworthy enough to point out about a presidential candidate.

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