Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Democratic Media Bias - Take #7

Try as she may to appear to remain an unbiased and objective member of the Fourth Estate, a pajama clad Mika Brzezinski allowed her Hillary Clinton bumper sticker to show on the Dec. 26th episode of MORNING JOE on MSNBC. In reference to a New York Times article questioning Mrs. Clinton's claim to being experienced as a result of being in the White House (as first lady) for 8 years, Ms. Brzezinski repeatedly used the term "You know she was involved...," etc. No proof was offered to substantiate these continuing claims, yet the "You know" assertions kept coming. This is akin to Mrs. Clinton's promotional declarations of her "35 years of experience" working on the issues she cares about. Like what? What exactly does that mean - getting sweetheart cattle futures deals - getting in on Jim McDougal's Madison Guaranty S & L legal team - watching the aforesaid Madison S & L go under - greeting the grieving families of Americans killed overseas courtesy of Osama bin Laden - burning down the compound at Waco - or calling the White House more than a dozen times to see if Vince Foster was really dead? Was her husband illegally giving her access to classified information to seek her council in between his conjugal visits from the former intern?

Give us something, anything to even remotely believe Hillary Clinton possesses, as she insists, the best qualifications and the most experience of all her rivals to be President. At least something more substantial than the fact that she sat there watching.

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