Thursday, May 1, 2008


If you thought that the news business could not sink any lower after seeing a veteran newsman like Dan Rather use unauthenticated documents to report a major news story, you thought wrong. In their frenzied glee, the media has used guilt by association to engage in the worst kind of character assassination. What is even more reprehensible is that they are only managing to use this practice on the black guy.
The teflon Clintons have a decades-long history of appointing "friends" to public office who have managed to engage in all sorts of criminal and questionable activity. Yet this well known fact is not put before the public as a campaign issue. And for decades the Clintons, their supporters, and their surrogates have repeatedly impugned the character of countless women to intimidate and embarrass them into silence for exposing Bill Clinton's affairs and unwanted advances - a practice the women's movement has denounced for the past 40 years. To their credit, Clarence Thomas and Bob Packwood did not engage in such degrading behavior at the time they were accused. But to the Clintons, it's an art form. And to the press, what should be a major issue is not.
Any American with a mother, sister or daughter who is sexually victimized by their boss should not have to turn on their TV and hear a James Carville insinuate that their loved one is trailer trash - or that Hillary Clinton told a surrogate that their daughter is a stalker. Linda Tripp's children did not deserve to hear their mother's appearance denigrated on national television simply for refusing to perjure herself to protect the Clintons. And the disparagements leveled at Gennifer Flowers only served to prove the Clinton's propensity for lying as soon as Ms. Flowers went to the audiotapes.
If the media chooses to sink so low as to use guilt by association to assassinate the character of Sen. Obama, they should at least make an effort to be race and gender neutral because there is a lot more guilt surrounding a lot more associations with the Clintons. In addition to leaving Little Rock with over a dozen Whitewater colleagues going to jail, not to mention Jim Guy Tucker and Jim and Susan McDougal, they entered Washington, DC with many of their cabinet appointments having one foot in the slammer and the other on the proverbial banana peel. And the media have yet to report, in any detail, about the senior Democrat who removed Hillary Clinton from her Watergate assignment for her dishonesty.
Contrary to popular belief, the news media have treated Sen. Clinton like a pageant contestant. She would probably get much tougher questions from the audience of the Jerry Springer Show than she has gotten from MEATLESS PRESS, THIS IS WEAK, and WIFFLEBALL - their hosts and pundits touting her toughness when, in fact, it is more likely their weakness.
Subsequently, after 5 minutes of watching Bill O'Reilly "spin" his interview with Mrs. Clinton into a smiling, grinning, ice skating pairs exhibition, I had to turn it off. When I watch pornography, I prefer to see the couple naked.

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