Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Clintons owed Bill Richardson - he didn't owe them! Richardson not only paid any debt, in full, to Bill and Hillary Clinton, he amassed the kind of credit that the Clintons could not repay if they had exhausted all $107 million they have earned since 2000.

By supporting and defending Bill Clinton's criminal behavior in 1998, rather than supporting and defending the Constitution, former Clinton loyalist(s) overpaid any balance due to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Facing the kind of criminal liability that would have gotten Barack Obama employed wearing orange jumpsuits and pressing Illinois license plates, Bill Clinton left Washington, DC on a victory float headed for Harlem and Chappaqua in New York with a brief stop in Georgetown to drop off his wife. Were it not for the Bill Richardsons and Robert Reichs, Hillary Clinton could very well be in Hope, Arkansas throwing plates and ashtrays at her husband. Or worse yet, she could have been cellmates with Susan McDougal while hubby Bill languished in a 9 by 12 space marking off Webb Hubbell's leftover jail cell calendar.

There is a common misconception that the Clintons have been fortunate in their enemies when, in fact, it is their friends who they have to thank for their freedom, financial fortune and present political stature.

During his impeachment, it was the so-called Judases who stood by Bill Clinton. And that multitude of faux feminists, who have cried sexism at every criticism of Hillary Clinton and railed endlessly to give Anita Hill her say in the world's court of public opinion, became deaf and dumb when a plethora of women lined up to inform the American public of Bill Clinton's sexual predatory nature - one of whom reported, on NBC News, of being raped and violently bitten by Clinton. Her credibility unshaken, friends of the Clintons in the US Senate relegated this alleged rape victim to the silent closet that women's organizations have spent decades fighting to come out of. And Mrs. Clinton, faux feminist herself, felt so outraged by a comment made by reporter David Shuster regarding daughter Chelsea, that he was suspended by NBC News. Yet, for much of her husband's political career, she stood by and watched honest, hard-working women denigrated as sluts, tramps, stalkers, bimbos and trailer trash for daring to expose her husband's predatory and adulterous predilections.

Another common misconception is that the Clintons are where they are because they run hard fighting campaigns based on an innate political genius. Having gotten to Washington, DC on only 43% of the vote, most Americans seem to disagree with that assessment. With Mrs. Clinton's negatives at a constant and continuing 50%, the voters still disagree. It is the Judases who are finally waking up from their Rip van Winkle long slumber with the hope that better late than never will not be too late.

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