Thursday, September 11, 2008


It didn't take long, post IMUS IN THE MORNING on MSNBC, for former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough to become infected with the Democrat leaning bias that permeates that cable news network. In a post convention opine this past week, Morning Joe cited a Gloria Steinem column wherein he absurdly claims that Steinem "was right" in declaring that a woman with Barack Obama's resume could not have gotten the presidential nomination.

Exactly what is it about her resume that placed Hillary Rodham Clinton above Sen. Obama and all of the other Democrat's presidential candidates? While citing his brief tenure in the US Senate, Obama opponents and Clinton supporters, ignore the fact that he has been a public official longer than she has. Much of Mrs. Clinton's experience was spent during her husband's political career working in private industry, some with and some without much legitimate success. The very successful heir to Fortune Magazine, Steve Forbes, was not politically aided by his "experience" in the private sector. And while Clinton advocates are quick to acknowledge her years working with the Children's Defense Fund, they are also quick to be dismissive of Mr. Obama's years working as a community organizer. Apparently sexism is an unacknowledged two-way street.

In their zeal to promote Sen. Clinton as something that she is not, Mr. Steinborough and the widow Steinem are conveniently forgetting that a host of women with paper thin resumes, or none at all, launched themselves into political careers as a result of the Clarence Thomas hearings. New York Representative Carolyn McCarthy came to that congressional title after the brutal murder of her husband and maiming of her son on the Long Island Railroad. And, lest we forget, Gloria Steinem wrote an op-ed piece virtually excusing Bill Clinton for the forcible fondling and invasive tonguing alleged by the widowed Kathleen Willey because Clinton stopped when she told him to. That was not her position when the suspect was Sen. Bob Packwood. And cries of sexism were non-existent when Senate Democrats refused to allow victimized women to testify against Bill Clinton during his impeachment.

At some point Mr. Scarborough should realize that faux feminist, Gloria Steinem, is merely the wolfette who cries sexism based primarily on ideology.

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