Saturday, March 29, 2008


In virtually a single breath and literally the same paragraph, Bill Clinton showed himself, and thus his wife's presidential campaign, to be a study in inane contradictions. He recently stated how people must enjoy picking on a girl and then, barely taking a beat, said that people who can't take tough campaigning shouldn't be in politics. Apparently the ability to sound like Gloria Steinem and Ann Coulter in one fell swoop is what commands hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees.

Yet, they cannot figure it out. How could this be happening? The fool-proof candidate with the fool-proof message and the methodical organization is being soundly bested in the race to represent the future of the Democratic Party and the future of America. The poll driven Clinton political machine and the major news media are hard pressed to figure out how the smart, young, previously unassuming junior senator from Illinois has managed to turn the candidate, the message, the organization and the previous polls on their head. At every turn Senator Barack Obama has countered dubious claims of "experience" and sound bite assertions of "ready" with cool, precision-laden responses. He continues to exhibit an inherent and infectious quality of leadership which extends far beyond his amazing personal history.

He has successfully challenged the long held belief of voter entitlement because you are a red state or blue state, male or female, white or black, old or young, Christian, Mormon or Jew, Democrat, Republican or Independent. The young American with the international pedigree whose community activism took him through the streets of Chicago's South Side and whose political activism carried him to areas of southern Illinois where the ghosts of the Klan still emanate, dared to take on the invincible Clinton machine. With the support of reformed Clintonites and former Carterites plus a whole host of newly adult Americans eager to add their voices to their own future, Sen. Obama has seemingly done the impossible - melding seniors and baby boomers with Generations X and Y.

As Mrs. Clinton's fortunes weaken, she has been unable to reduce her 47% negatives after 15 months of campaigning. Also, 50% of polled voters say they would never vote for her. And after revealing how her faith carried her through her husbands scandals, she disdains that quality in voters by suggesting that "it would require a leap of faith" to vote for Sen. Obama over her. Faith was the foundation of the Declaration of Independence. It was faith that carried America through the Civil War and the Civil Rights revolution. Faith is not a bad thing. Eleanor Roosevelt should have told her that.

Mrs. Clinton's solution to a statement citing the troubling ease of the Clinton's mendacity by Hollywood mogul, and former Clinton supporter, David Geffen, was to attack Senator Obama. And her latest distortion concerning her escape from a salvo of phantom sniper fire on her trip to Bosnia not only vindicates Mr. Geffen, but may well turn Pennsylvania's large veteran population against her in that state's April 22nd primary.

Senator Obama has touched a chord of honesty among supporters and voters previously beholden to voting for the Clintons. In his book, THE AUDACITY OF HOPE, he refuses to shy away from the personal familial conflicts with the indomitable Michelle Obama, recognizing that her criticisms are constructive and beneficial to their family. He has basically put it all out there. His pluses and minuses - his hopes and dreams - and leaves it for the voters to decide.

And should he succeed in vanquishing the Clintons where they have failed, Barack Obama may even compel the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY to garner a new respect for liberals.

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