Monday, February 11, 2008


It is clear that the Clintons are going to use the "pimped out" comment as another Hillary Clinton New Hampshire teary moment. For her campaign to call the comment "beneath contempt" is laughable when you consider that the Clintons have denigrated women who were involved with Bill, or spoke out about his predatory nature, as sluts, tramps, stalkers, bimbos and trailer trash.

It is absurd that the Clintons, whose degradation of women is legendary, are offended by David Shuster's comment. Although Shuster's comment is also absurd, considering most adult children campaign for their candidate parents, the negativity of the comment was directed at the Clinton campaign, not Chelsea Clinton. Calling the remark "beneath contempt" is the height of chutzpah coming from the couple who claimed that using the federal treasury and its employees as an escort service was a "private, personal matter."

If MSNBC and correspondent David Shuster is guilty of anything, it is not confronting Bill and Hillary Clinton and the people who support them of this decades long practice of victimizing women which has become a mainstay of every Clinton campaign.

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