Thursday, January 3, 2008


Just as Bill Clinton publicly praises Mike Bloomberg and says how impressed he is with the New York mayor, the din of the possibility of a 3rd party candidate entering the 2008 presidential contest becomes louder and more emergent. Coincidence? I think not!

With Hillary Rodham Clinton's negatives at nearly 50% and the equivalent number of voters polled who vow they would never vote for her, winning a two person presidential race on the phony claim of being the most experienced and most qualified suddenly appears to be an attempt at skiing uphill. And after more than a year of planning, organizing and "listening," Mrs. Clinton has been hard pressed to change the numbers on those negative equations. Thus, what we may be witnessing is the "attack of the 43% solution." I think this is a Clinton/Bloomberg alliance designed to put Mrs. Clinton in the White House even with the majority of Americans voting against her - 1992 redux, if you will.

Here's the question - after more than a year of presidential campaigning, why did Mike Bloomberg wait until the eve of the presidential primaries and caucuses to express his dissatisfaction with the present crop of candidates??????

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Dr. Blanche said...

Yes, Dear 9 Percenter; why did Bloomberg wait until the first caucus to express his displeasure with the potential nominees for
President of U.S.?

What's his purpose and why did he meet with Obama a few months ago? Something sinister is afoot.